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Partnership Startup package with GST Website & more


Partnership Startup package

  1. Product/ Service- Partnership Startup package
  2. Qty- 1
  3. Delivery Time– 20-30 Days
  4. Price– Rs. 62K+GST

Included in this services-

  1. Name
  2. Tag line/ Punch Line
  3. Logo
  4. Brand/ Logo registration TM – NO
  5. Company Legal Registration- Partnership
  6. Taxes/ License Registration- GST
  7. Udyog Aadhar
  8. Stationeries design- Letterhead, Envelop, Business card, Invoice, Challan
  9. Bank A/C Opening- Current (self by client)
  10. Banner design
  11. Social sites page- Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube
  12. Social Media post Design
  13. Videos- 30 Sec
  14. Online Appearance- Domain-1, Hosting-1Gb, Profile website-5 page, Banner/slider design, Email ids-5
  15. Company ppt- SWOT, 7P of Marketing, Company Statement- Vision, Mission, About us
  16. Packaging Design
  17. Advisors
  18. Legal Advisors CA

Please keep handy and provide details as written below- email to [email protected]

  1. After completing the Order, please mention Order/ Reference No. with payment transfered details
  2. Email I’d
  3. Mobile number, name, Pics, address, info, etc
  4. Brief about requirements



  1. Order confirmation is subject to approval (T&C Apply).
  2. We charge for professional service.
  3. Subject to New Delhi Juridiction
  4. Designing is a part of Creativity, It takes time. The Price can be revised if need is time taking.


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