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all designs, one solution


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Linkedin Social Media Handling starter


Social Media Marketing

  1. Product/ Service- Social Media Handling
  2. Qty- 1 Brand/ Site
  3. Delivery Time– Monthly (Working Days)
  4. Price– Rs. 5900

Included in this services- Monthly

  1. Article adding as key words
  2. Posting on above site (monthly)- 10 Max
  3. Brand profile linking
  4. Audience creating
  5. Like increasing
  6. #tag posting

Please keep handy and provide details as written below- email to [email protected]

  1. After completing the Order, please mention Order/ Reference No. with payment transferred details
  2. Email I’d
  3. Mobile number
  4. User Id & Password
  5. Require post & articles


  1. Order confirmation is subject to approval (T&C Apply).
  2. We charge for professional service.
  3. Using of logo above, only for reference, not for commercial.


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