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Photography Guidelines For Online Marketplaces in India

Photography Guidelines for

For a product to sell successfully, the photograph available at the time of purchase is most vital. Hence it is very important for one to keep in mind some technical image requirements of amazon while uploading an image of your product. You cannot simply post your photos ignoring the requirements from Amazon. Avoiding the below-given specifications and tips would prevent your image from being approved by Amazon for uploading.

  1. Image format: It can be in JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF formats.
  2. Image Size: The minimum requirement for the size is 1000 pixels. However, if you’re trying to catch Amazon it’s better to go with 2560 pixels x 1001 pixels.
  3. Image Frame: At least 85% of the entire frame or background must be filled.
  4. Background Colour: It is common not just for a photo shoot but for uploading here to be WHITE! A transparent one might also do but having a colorful background is a strong NO.
  5. Image Colour Mode: The standard RGB or even CMYK can be used.

Some tips:

  • The image must not contain any gratuitous additional objects.
  • The image must be the cover art or a professional photograph of the product being sold. Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed.
  • The full product image should be in the frame.
  • The image must be professionally lit and photographed or scanned, all focused upon with realistic color, and smooth edges.
  • To get a professional touch there is no better option except to going on with professional studios or photographers.
  • The usage of offensive material is not allowed.

Keeping the above-mentioned specs and tips shall help you easily get your image approved and your product all ready to buy.

Photography Guidelines for Flipkart

Both Amazon and Flipkart share very much similar requirements as to how the product image shall be. Find below some technical specifications required with some tips to help attract customers.

  1. Image Size: The width and height reading should always be greater than 1000 px.
  2. Image Frame: 85% of the frame should at least be filled by the product.
  3. File Format: Any file format be it JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG is accepted.
  4. Background Colour: It’s compulsory to use a white background.
  5. Colour Choices: One can use SRGB and CMYK.

Some tips that come handy:

  • Have a sharp image with a clear perspective: It is your image that is not just getting approved by Flipkart but also seen by your customers. Try giving it a more professional, crystal clear look.
  • Try covering the entire frame.
  • Give a variety of images with different angles that could help the customer analyze the product (7-9 images).This also helps in allotting product priority on the page.
  • Avoid making a collage of your product in one image. Even while planning to sell a combo let there be a clear focus on each and every product. Go with one product at a time. Doing so would also prevent customer returns.
  • Photograph the special features: No one would know about or believe the special features provided by your product until you show them. Try demonstrating the features through product images.
  • Use models wherever necessary: Be it clothes, bags or any other wearable item. Imagining oneself in the model is one of the most common ways of going on with a purchase.

Photography Guidelines for Jabong

Now, Jabong being a mostly cosmetic and clothing Centered company has some less and some extra requirement for its photos though many guidelines remain the same. It is Jabong and Myntra about which we will be seeing after this. These two are both fashion and clothing giants hence getting their interest must be a clothing retailer’s primary motive. Here below are the guidelines along with tips.

1. Image Size: Any greater than 1000 px.

2. Image Frame: 85% of the frame should at least be filled by the product.

3. File Format: Any file format be it JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG is accepted.

4. Colour Choices: SRGB and CMYK are agreed.

Things to take care about:

  • Multiple images from multiple angles: This is the best shot at attracting more customers and adding to the genuineness of the product. It helps give a broader perspective of the products to your buyers too.
  • Since here it is more of clothing and display go for Mannequins. Seeing something floating in air or having it worn by someone both are ways apart .Having a mannequin or model wear your outfits would give the customers a view of its fittings and how it would appear once worn.
  • Provide zoomed in shots: Doing so will help customers inspect the products closely and make the decision without any confusion.
  • For camera settings play a very vital role here too, try keeping ISO not more than 600-640 and avoid giving the images a filmy look with them.
  • Use a proper white balance and lightening while at shoot. Some of the items which can be used here are LED, tungsten, Fluorescent, 3 Point Lighting, and natural light.

Photography guidelines for Myntra

1. Image Size: The images must make it greater than 1000 pixels.

2. Image Frame: Minimum 85% of the frame should be filled by the product.

3. File Format: Any file format be it JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG is accepted.

4. Colour Choices: SRGB and CMYK are allowed.

Now, after Jabong, Myntra too is an e-commerce fashion website. It pays much attention to the way you put forward your clothing or accessories along with its quality. Thus, along with the above given technical specification, there are also some more things that are to be taken care of while uploading your product photo.

Things to include or tips to go with:

  • High quality, professional shots of the product is very vital. The more interesting your product looks like in an image the more interested the customers will be.
  • Use models or mannequins to help showcase your product. Don’t go with easy things and spoil your shoot. Keep it professional don’t compromise with the shoots.
  • Image the features of your product: Many omit reading the features given in the description. For catching the eye of all the viewers try showcasing the features of you product like compartments of a backpack, pockets, and chains in a trouser, etc.
  • Image proportions are of the essence, the margins should all be equal. The minimum pixels must be 1001 and 7 dpi.
  • Avoid using watermarks, logos, or designs on the image.
  • Cropping and Alignment of Images: Cropping images give a more seamless experience to your prospective buyers. And always keep images uniformly aligned.


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